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  • Thor Vol. 3 #3 aka Thor being the badass towritecomicsonherarms was talking about

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  • axecentric:

    Batman Eternal # 3
    Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV with Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, John Layman and Jason Fabok.

    I really didn’t expect them to introduce her so soon

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  • Genius!
Rat Queens


    Rat Queens

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  • God’s own X-Man: Greatest Description Ever

    God’s own X-Man: Greatest Description Ever

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  • dcu:

    A great opinion for those who disliked the ending of Man of Steel.

    This argument doesn’t really hold much truth since they are different circumstances. Bucky is Caps best friend so of course he’ll fight to his last breathe to save him. So yes that is in character for CA and killing Zod was out of character for Superman BUT it’s canon for Superman to act out of character and kill. Zod was a enemy to Superman from the start so his would have minimal resistance to kill him.

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  • 9
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  • He knew!!!!

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  • Look who’s back!!!!

    Look who’s back!!!!

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  • Anonymous said:


    1:Your favourite comic of all time

    The Amazing Spiderman

    2:Marvel or DC? Why?

    DC comics, even though ill probably pick up more Marvel comics, my favorite pulls would be DC comics

    3:Favourite Marvel Superhero (Male, Female, or both)

    Black Panther, Scarlet Witch

    4:Favourite DC Superhero (Male, Female, or both)

    Tim Drake, Wonder Woman

    5:Favourite Indie publisher


    6:Favourite writer

    Matt Fraction

    7:Favourite artist

    Phil Noto, Alex Ross

    8:Favourite cartoonist (someone who writes and draws)

    Yale Stuwart

    9:Favourite single issue

    Black Panther Vol 3 Issue 12

    10:Favourite colourist

    Rachel Dodson, Laura Allred

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  • mostly when they think that Marvel is doing a better job at exposing readers to women and PoC characters. A lot of people think that Marvel is putting out daring and new title while DC is just releasing the same old generic white male superhero books , which is really really not true. And most of it is DC fault with its loud bad publicity and barely good publicity on their new releases. When you compare the 2 companies with women/PoC solo and team lead books since their relaunches, DC came out with 20 books while Marvel came out with 12. I’m not putting this up there because i believe that DC is trying, trust me i know for sure they’re not, I’m just saying stop praising Marvel for something they’re not doing. Bottom line is that both companies need to do waaaaaaay better with the representation on women and PoC

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  • I was at the comic book store and was like “ya know, I feel like punching myself in the feelings today” and got these 3

    I was at the comic book store and was like “ya know, I feel like punching myself in the feelings today” and got these 3

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  • Awwwwwwwwwww


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