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Here's my story
Im 24 living in the City of Brotherly Love (PHILLY) uhhh
If you have questions, ask me (dont be shy)
Kik: pryceless42
Skype: sheed215
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  • suckmesleezi:

    Since I haven’t posted any pics in a while lol >////<

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  • suckmesleezi:

    a couple more just because ^////^

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  • kalimadevi said:

    Dear future me,

    I just told my old self that i still don’t know what I’m doing, please tell me you finally figured it out.

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  • headphones-in-do-not-disturb:


    fuck education who wants to start a band

    your URL makes me suspicious of your intentions with this band.

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  • ricflairsniece:

    lmao I bet he can’t bolieve what just happened.

    oh no lol

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  • muhfckntasha said:

    Dear past me ,

    I’m sorry to disappoint but I still have no idea what I’m doing. But one good thing is that i know what i want to do with it. its something that you wouldn’t ever think of doing long term but it makes perfect sense all around. Basically don’t worry about every details because its not going to go the way you think good or bad.

    ps Whatever you do DO NOT WATCH THE LAST AIRBENDER

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